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Muscle Spasms in Shoulder : Causes and Remedies

Muscle Spasms in Shoulder

The shoulder joints are among the movable joints of our body. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments present in this area add its construction and stability and empower it to make a broad range of movements. When there is a spasm in the shoulder muscle, it becomes tight and rigid and contracts. Consequently, the blood supply to the muscles get changed and it gives rise to a surprising sharp shoulder pain. The intensity of the pain may change from moderate to acute. In some cases, the pain is simply confined to the shoulder region simply and in others, it may get extended up to the arms.


There are several variables that can lead towards spasms in the shoulder muscles.

Muscle spasm can be activated by overuse of the muscles during exercises or sports activities. These muscles regularly get overstretched while reaching out to things or doing strenuous physical tasks like the lifting of heavy items kept full of the shelves. Mental anxiety also results in muscle spasms.

The soft connective tissues of the muscles suffer degeneration and are at a higher risk of getting injured which in turn trigger cramps in them, as we grow old.

  • Dehydration
  • Posture
  • Bad posture while sleeping or sitting at the office desk is another major cause of muscle spasms.

Improper Diet / Toxins
Poor nutrition and exposure to toxic compounds can also cause bad cramps in shoulder muscles.

Home Remedies

There are various measures that can be taken for the relaxation of cramped shoulder muscles. A few successful treatments for this condition are as follows:

Take lots of rest for the next two days when you have spasms in the shoulder muscles.

Use of Ice
This is going to have a soothing effect on the painful tight muscles of the shoulder. This should be repeated a few times in the first 48 hours.

Use of Heat
If the ice application does not reveal any results, then heat needs to be used. This provides a lot of relief from the muscle pain and tightness and enhances the blood circulation to the injured muscles. The heat can be applied by you to the shoulder with assistance from a heating pad or you can take a warm bath to relax the tightened muscles.

A massage therapist first identifies the place of the cramped muscles. He then starts massaging the region in order to loosen it up. This helps bring down the pain. Many individuals find a great massage highly valuable for a pulled shoulder muscle.

If the spasms continue to bother you after two days of house treatments, then you must seek medical help. Doctors prescribe painkillers to bring down inflammation and the pain. For an acute harm, they may suggest wearing a sling to keep the injured shoulder secure. In those scenarios where regular spasms occur because of poor nourishment, they recommend intake of vitamin nutritional supplements or any other nutritional supplements to improve the overall health condition.

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