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Back Spasm Causes : What Cause the Back Spasm?

Back Spasm Causes

Painful and involuntary contraction of a muscle leads to muscle spasm. Muscle spasms can be caused as a result of a variety of reasons. If left untreated, they can have extremely serious consequences. A person might experience unexpected muscle pain in the lower back while twisting, pulling or stretching. It might become impossible to continue the motions for some time. So, what causes back spasms? Let’s learn more about muscle spasms in the back.

What Causes Muscle Spasms Back?

Back spasm can be a result of lifestyle problems and various actions. Below are some of its common causes:

Muscle injuries normally cause back spasms. Muscle harm can be a result of single traumatic accident or muscle overuse (persistent muscular exertion). This is also quite commonly experienced by people having weak lower back muscles.

When a muscle is strained or inflamed muscle spasms in back happen. Any kind of force can result in tearing of muscles and tendons of your lower back. While a person is playing sports like weightlifting, basketball, football, baseball or golf such a force is potential. Sudden pushing or pulling or sudden twisting of the lower back is common during such sports.

Doing strenuous exercises can result in back spasm. Exercises that include lifting weights can strain your muscles, if not performed in the proper manner. Exercising more than what’s appropriate for your body can also lead to this issue.

Incorrect Position
Overtraining is a familiar cause of back spasm. This can occur while performing exercises that are physical or household tasks. Lifting really heavy items in a way that is wrong, may overexert the back muscles, which are not prepared for this movement. While you lift heavy items from the flooring bending the knees is quite vital. Keeping erroneous posture while you stand, sit or sleep can cause back problems.

  • Nutritional Insufficiency
  • Deficiency of salts can also cause muscle spasms.

Other Causes
Serious nervous system ailments can be another cause of back spasm. You must consult with an orthopedic physician as soon as possible if you experience sharp and incredibly debilitating muscle spasms in your neck or back. This condition can be a symptom of the ruptured or bulging disc in your spine, which, if left untreated can cause serious outcomes. Back spasm can also be an indicator of underlying health conditions like damaged nerves or muscle fatigue.

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